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Public Awareness

Visit the Commission's Human Trafficking Awareness Materials

This committee is charged with developing strategies to raise public awareness of human trafficking.

2021 Committee Reports

The Committee began the year in January of 2021, facilitating collaboration between the Commission and the Governor’s office for issuance of a gubernatorial proclamation of January as Human Trafficking Awareness month in the State of Michigan. 

Throughout 2020, the Committee focused on developing an infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive Human Trafficking Awareness campaign via social media.  The Committee’s focus during 2021 was deploying the delivery of the Human Trafficking Public Awareness material.

Utilizing the “updates” section of the website, information on human trafficking is available to interested parties upon viewing on the website directly or via subscription delivered via email or other social media platforms.  These updates now include information about the Commission as well as general information on human trafficking, such as articles on the issue, information about changes in state and federal laws on trafficking, reports on work on human trafficking issues from across the state and other pertinent information. 

Equipped with the guidelines for providing human trafficking resources developed last year, the Committee worked to identify, evaluate, and recommend for distribution as updates, a library full of helpful human trafficking resources.   The updates are delivered bi-weekly via email to over eight hundred subscribers, and are available on the webpage. The Committee reviewed and recommended the following for distribution as public awareness updates:

From the Office of Victims of Crime at the Office of Justice Programs:

  • “The Faces of Human Trafficking,” a one-minute Public Service Announcement.
  • “An Introduction to Human Trafficking in the United States,” a fact sheet.
  • “Faces of Human Trafficking Video 1: An Introduction,” a video introducing the issue of human trafficking—both sex and labor trafficking—in the United States.
  • “The Legal Rights and Needs of Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States,” a fact sheet.
  • “Know the Faces of Human Trafficking Posters – Suamhirs,” a poster depicting male survivor.
  • “Faces of Human Trafficking Video 2: An Introduction to Sex Trafficking,” a video providing an overview of sex trafficking featuring survivors and professionals.
  • “The Special Issues Facing Juvenile Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States,” a fact sheet.'
  • “Building Effective Collaborations to Address Human Trafficking,” a fact sheet.

From The Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, in collaboration with Professor Bridgette Carr, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Clinical Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School, a series of short videos addressing Myths Surrounding Human Trafficking:

  • “Super Bowl”
  • “Kidnappings”
  • “Invisible Labor”
  • “Things”
  • “Ranked”
  • “Why Don't We Know”
  • “Who is a Victim”
  • “Reality”
  • “Change Our Focus”
  • “Our Kids”
  • “Success”
  • “We Created Demand”
  • “What is Trafficking”

From Polaris Project:

  • “On-Ramps, Intersections, and Exit Routes: A Roadmap for Systems and Industries to Prevent and Disrupt Human Trafficking,” a report summary highlighting the connection between human trafficking and legitimate segments of industries and businesses.
  • “The Typology of Modern Slavery: Defining Sex and Labor Trafficking in the United States,” a summary and video of a larger analysis of human trafficking cases.
  • “Understanding and Reporting Human Trafficking,” a public awareness video in collaboration with Uber and introduced by Michigan Attorney General Nessel.   

From the Administration for Children and Families, a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services “Out of the Shadows: Exposing the Myths of Human Trafficking,” a flyer addressing myths about human trafficking.

From the Michigan Department of Attorney General “Safe Harbor for Trafficking Victims in Michigan,” a fact sheet on statutory protections for sex trafficking victims in Michigan.

The Committee continues to identify, evaluate and recommend informative resources to keep the public informed about human trafficking.