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Public Awareness

Visit the Commission's Human Trafficking Awareness Materials

This committee is charged with developing strategies to raise public awareness of human trafficking.

2022 Committee Reports

Throughout 2022, the committee focused on updating and rebranding the access and searchability of Public Awareness for Human Trafficking. The focus was updating the website to make resources more obtainable and user friendly.

This year saw the launch of the newly designed and independent Michigan Human Trafficking Commission Website. Previously, the Commission’s online presence was only accessible via the website of the Attorney General – the Commission’s host department. With the redesign, however, the Commission launched its independent home online. This new resource will provide updates on our efforts to combat human trafficking here in Michigan and showcase information like public awareness resources and training on human trafficking, as well as other Commission resources.

In addition, the committee’s focus during the year was continuing the regular delivery of quality and topical Human Trafficking Public Awareness material. Utilizing the “updates” section of the website, information on human trafficking is available to interested parties upon viewing on the website directly or via subscription delivered via email or other social media platforms. These updates now include information about the Commission as well as general information on human trafficking, such as articles on the issue, information about changes in state and federal laws on trafficking, reports on work on human trafficking issues from across the state and other pertinent information.

Equipped with the previously developed guidelines for providing human trafficking resources, the committee continued the work of identifying, evaluating, and recommending for distribution “updates” that comprise a library full of helpful human trafficking resources. The updates, delivered bi-weekly via email to over eight hundred subscribers, are also available on the webpage. The committee reviewed and recommended the following for distribution as public awareness updates:

From the White House:

  • “Fact Sheet: The National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking”

From Polaris Project:

  • “Sex trafficking and LGBTQ Youth” a fact sheet on sex trafficking and LGBTQ youth.
  • “Pride Month Social Media Toolkit” a collection of shareable social media posts.
  • LGBTQ Sex Trafficking video
  • Human Trafficking on temporary visa: Data analysis 2015-2017
  • Breaking Barriers: Improving Services for LGBTQ+ Human Trafficking Victims
  • Top Ten List for Service Providers

From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign

  • “Labor Trafficking Awareness Video – Medical Clinic,” a video addressing labor trafficking in a medical setting
  • “Mia’s Story” the first in a 4-part animated video series aimed at youth depicting a trafficker grooming Mia into a human trafficking situation.

From the Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP) “Say This Not That,” a glossary reviewing terminology used (and misused) regarding human trafficking.

From the University of Arizona James E. Rogers School of Law and the University of San Diego School of Law, available at, “Working with HT Survivors: LGBTQ+ Communities.

The committee continues to identify, evaluate and recommend helpful resources to keep the public informed about human trafficking.