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Veteran Hiring

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Treasury Veteran Hiring

Treasury and the State of Michigan recognize the value of veteran recruitment and the unique and strategic skills those with military service bring to any organization. Treasury is committed to tailoring recruitment efforts, training and retention practices to make preferential hiring of veterans a top priority.

Treasury Veteran Hiring

The State of Michigan Veterans' Preference Program has been expanded to benefit current state employees as well as military retirees and active-duty service members! The Civil Service Commission recently approved rule changes that

  • allow state employees to use veterans' preference for promotional postings
  • allow active-duty service members to apply for veterans' preference postings prior to discharge
  • allow military retirees to apply for the preference program

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Military Credit Eligibility

You can also receive credit for time you spend in active-duty military service with the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. There may or may not be a cost to you, depending on whether your active-duty service occurred during (intervening) or outside of (non-intervening) your state employment. Read more about the State of Michigan Service Credit below!

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MVAA Gold-Level

Veteran-Friendly Employer: Gold Level Status

State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks announced that the Michigan Department of Treasury has achieved Gold-Level Veteran-Friendly Employer Certification from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA).

Since being created in 2013, the Veteran-Friendly Employer Program has recognized 534 Michigan employers with either Bronze-, Silver- or Gold-level status for their efforts in supporting veteran workforce talent. Treasury has pledged to actively seek out veteran applications and encourage them to seek employment with our organization and we will recognize and support veterans and their families in appreciation for their service and sacrifice to our country.

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