Oaks Correctional Facility (ECF)

Oaks Correctional Facility  

Manistee County  

Manistee County 

Warden Les Parish
1500 Caberfae Highway
Manistee, MI 49660

Current jobs 

TELEPHONE: (231) 723-8272
OPENED: 1992
AGE LIMIT: Males, 18 and older


The facility is comprised of eleven (11) main buildings containing approximately 262,673 square feet of floor space.  Prisoners reside in seven (7) Housing Units, two (2) of which are designated as segregation units with 96 beds per unit. There are four (4) general population units, two (2) Level II Units and two (2) Level IV Units, which are double bunked and house 192 inmates each,  with the exception of Unit #3 which houses 144 inmates where one-half of the unit is single bunked and the other half is double bunked.   There is also one (1) double bunked specialized housing unit which houses 192 inmates and is designated for prisoners whose protections needs cannot be met in a traditional general population setting.

The Oaks offers academic programs which include Adult Basic Education, GED completion, Work testing and Career Scope testing.  The current average enrollment is 82.  Reentry Programming is offered in the form of Violence Prevention Programming (VPP), Thinking for Change, and Substance Abuse Education – Phase 1 and 2.  Leisure activities include participation in athletics, religious services, along with Legal and General library services.  The Oaks Correctional facility also participates in the Leader Dog Program where we currently have 13 leader dogs in training.

The facility is encircled by two security fences featuring state of the art electronic monitoring systems including cameras, micro-shields, vibration detection, stun-fence and razor wire. ECF also deploys a response vehicle and can man any one of the 5 gun towers as needed in finalizing the perimeter security system.