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For Families

The Michigan Department of Corrections is dedicated to providing as much information as possible to family members who have a loved one serving in Michigan's prison system.

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Orientation Packet

The Family Orientation Information Packet contains helpful information for family and friends as their loved one begins their incarceration with the MDOC. To view or download the packet, click here
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Information Packet

The Family Information Packet is a comprehensive guide that provides information on everything from Crime Victims' Rights to Visiting a Prisoner. To view or download the packet, click here.

MDOC Glossary

The MDOC Glossary provides explanations of commonly used terms used throughout the Department. Click here to view the glossary. 

Number Directory

The Number Directory is a list of frequently called numbers, including Health Care, Recruitment, and MDOC prisons. Click here to view the directory. 

If you still need more information, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions or call the Correctional Facilities Administration at 517-335-2263.


Updated: 04/29/24