Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility (WHV)

Huron Valley Complex - Women's

Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County

Acting Warden Jeremy Howard
3201 Bemis Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197-0911


2019-2022 WHV Strategic Plan

Current jobs

TELEPHONE: 734-572-9900  
AGE LIMIT: Females, all ages except under the age of 18 are housed separately

The facility serves as the only prison in Michigan which houses females. The facility provides all reception center processing which includes thirteen housing units for general population prisoners in level I, II, and IV, Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT), Special Alternative Incarceration (SAI), Residential Treatment Program (RTP), Acute Care, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Infirmary and Detention.

Women's Huron Valley services include personnel, prisoner records, business office, maintenance operations, warehouse operations and houses Correctional Mental Health Programs Administration and the Washtenaw County Parole office.


Adult Basic Education and General Education Development preparation classes are offered, as well as pre-release and life skills instruction. Vocational training is offered in Auto Mechanics, Building Trades, Business Education Technology, Horticulture, Food Technology and Custodial Maintenance. The first Vocational Village for female offenders is currently under construction: and expected to open in 2019.

All facets of the Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative are offered on site. Programs are gender responsive and trauma-informed. Prisoners have access to religious programs, substance abuse treatment, psychological services, general library and law library services.  Phase I Programs offered in Cognitive Therapy, Violence Prevention and Social Support.

Prisoners are provided on-site routine medical and dental care. Pregnant prisoners receive counseling, parenting classes, and child care options. Medical emergencies are referred to local hospitals.


The facility has two perimeter security fences with electronic detection systems. Security cameras are located throughout the facility and perimeter. Vehicles with armed personnel patrol the perimeter.