Saginaw Correctional Facility (SRF)

 Saginaw Correctional Facility

Saginaw County

Saginaw County

Warden Thomas Winn                  

9625 Pierce Rd.
Freeland, MI 48623

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TELEPHONE: (989) 695-9880
OPENED: 1993
AGE LIMIT: Males, 18 and older

The 43-acre facility in Tittabawassee Township, Saginaw County, was built on a 142-acre site and is comprised of 11 main buildings totaling about 303,850 square feet. The facility includes three Level II buildings, three Level IV buildings, and one Level I building along with buildings for education, programs, administration, food service, health care and maintenance.


Academic programming includes special education, General Education Development completion, Adult Basic Education and vocational education, as well as life-role competency programs. This facility is also designated as an MPRI In-Reach facility. Religious and library (law and general) services are provided by institution staff and community volunteers.

Routine medical care is provided on site. Major emergencies are treated at a local hospital or at the Duane L. Waters Health Care in Jackson.

The perimeter of the prison is enclosed by a double, 12-foot fence, topped with razor-ribbon wire. The wire is also installed in the open space between the fences to enhance the barrier. An electronic detection system has been placed on both the inner and outer fences. In 1996, a third fence, with its own electronic detection system, was erected. Security cameras, strategically placed within the prison and around the perimeter, allow 24-hour remote observation and videotaping of prisoner activities. Two gun towers were added in 1997. A perimeter vehicle with armed personnel is on patrol 24 hours a day.