Macomb Correctional Facility (MRF)

Macomb Correctional Facility 

Macomb County 

Macomb County 

Warden George Stephenson
34625 26 Mile Rd.
Lenox Township, MI 48048



Current jobs 

TELEPHONE: (586) 749-4900
AGE LIMIT: Males, 18 and older
SECURITY LEVELS: I, II and IV                                   Capacity: 1416


The Macomb Correctional Facility sits on a 100-acre site. It comprises 11 major buildings and two minor buildings, totaling approximately 300,000 square feet. The prison contains four Level II housing units, two Level IV housing units and one Level I housing unit outside the secure perimeter. Four other buildings house a school, administrative offices, support services and storage.




Educational programming includes Special Education, General Education Development preparation, Adult Basic Education and vocational classes.

Facility staff work closely with community groups and encourage community volunteer participation.

Routine health and dental care are provided on site. Major medical emergencies are treated in a community hospital or at the Duane L. Waters Health Center in Jackson. A Residential Treatment Program is provided for prisoners needing a residential setting for Mental Health treatment.


The perimeter of the prison is enclosed by two, 12-foot galvanized chain link fences topped with coiled stainless steel razor wire.  A third 12-foot galvanized chain link fence topped with coiled stainless steel razor wire provides a buffer between the prison property and perimeter road.  The entire boundary of the prison property is clearly marked with signage that gives notice of Prison Property, Do Not Enter and the entire perimeter contains an electronic detection and camera system which enhances public safety.