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Carson City Correctional Facility (DRF)

Administration building of Carson City Correctional Facility

Carson City Correctional Facility (DRF)

Montcalm County

Warden Randee Rewerts
10274 Boyer Road
Carson City, MI 48811-9746
Directions (Bing Maps)

Montcalm County

Telephone: 989-584-3941
Open: 1989
Gender/Age Limit: Males, 18 and older
Security Level: I, II, IV
Prisoner Capacity: 1,744
Number of Employees: 428


The Carson City Correctional Facility has 428 employees when fully staffed and the capacity to house 2,526 adult prisoners.

Carson City Correctional Facility is a multi-level facility consisting of 15 housing units.  DRF-West consists of seven housing units; one unsecured Level I unit with 120 beds (currently closed), three Level II units with 720 beds, two Level IV units with 384 beds, and a 22-bed temporary segregation unit. All DRF-West units, except temporary segregation, are double bunked. DRF-East consists of eight Secure Level I housing units with 1,280 beds; each housing unit consists of 8-bed open bays, with 160 prisoners in each of the eight units. 

This facility has food service, school, health care, and indoor activity areas on both the West and East sides.


Carson City Correctional Facility is committed to providing academic, technical, and workplace skills training for adult prisoners. Academic programs include Adult Basic Education (ABE) to help prisoners achieve their General Educational Development (GED) certificate. Educational programs also include Employment Readiness, and vocational training which includes Food Service Hospitality Management for adult prisoners sentenced to the Michigan Department of Corrections. 

The goal of Carson City Correctional Facility is to involve all prisoners in meaningful programs to enhance their skills upon release from incarceration. Programs offered include Violence Prevention Programming (VPP), Thinking for a Change (TFC), MiDVP - Michigan Domestic Violence, as well as other self-help programs. Substance Abuse programming includes Substance Abuse Phase II, Advanced Substance Abuse Treatment (ASAT), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  The facility also offers the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program to help address the opioid epidemic and to help eligible offenders suffering from this disorder. Level II and Secure Level I offenders that meet the eligibility requirements also have the opportunity to train dogs with the Paws with a Cause program. 

Religious activities are coordinated through the facility’s Chaplain and offer a wide range of active religions.

Carson City Correctional Facility houses over 525 Outpatient Mental Health (OPMH) prisoners in all custody levels. The Outpatient Mental Health Team provides mental health treatment and services to prisoners with a mental disability and/or behavioral disorder. Services provided include case management, medication monitoring, group therapy, and crisis management. Brief therapy services are also provided to any prisoner at the facility. Peer Support services have been offered at Carson City Correctional Facility since 2016 where prisoners meet Peer-to-Peer to offer support and coping skills. Additionally, the facility has two Secure Level I Michigan Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (MSAPP) Residential Treatment Units which focus on provision of MSAPP, Treatment Readiness for You (TRY), and self-help groups. 

Prisoners are provided on-site dental and medical services. Emergencies are referred to the local hospital and serious medical problems are treated at Duane Waters Hospital in Jackson.