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Ionia Correctional Facility (ICF)

Administration building at Ionia Correctional Facility

Ionia Correctional Facility (ICF)

Ionia County

Acting Warden Dale Bonn
1576 W. Bluewater Highway
Ionia, MI 48846
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Ionia County

Telephone: 616-527-6331
Open: 1987
Gender/Age Limit: Males, 18 and older
Security Levels: II and V


The Ionia Correctional Facility is comprised of five Level V housing units and two Level II housing units. Two of the Level V housing units are designated Administrative Segregation, which includes Detention and Temporary Segregation cells. The remaining three are general population units with one being the START NOW Program. Level V housing consists of five bi-level, double winged single cell units. Each unit has a day room area, showers, laundry room, staff offices and a fence-in activity and recreational yard for the security Level V prisoners. The Units designated Administrative Segregation affords prisoner outdoor recreation in single occupancy security exercise modules.

The Level II housing consists of a large pole-barn construction divided into two units with 140 beds in each unit. The units have shower, laundry, and recreation areas. The Level II prisoners have separate yard areas, with access to a weight pit, basketball courts, volleyball, softball, horseshoes, and a running track. Jobs are available for all Level II prisoners, which includes a Michigan State Industries factory which employs approximately 80 prisoners.

The Prisoner Services building contains classrooms, an auditorium, a gymnasium, a weight room, quartermaster, and a barbershop. A separate building contains food service, prisoner and staff dining, health care, prisoner property, and maintenance. The administrative building contains the institutions Control Center, Record Office, Business Office, visiting areas, staff training, mailroom and a disciplinary and parole board hearing room.


Academic programs include Adult Basic Education, Special Education, General Education Development (GED) completion Employment Readiness. In-cell study programs are available to prisoners who may not participate in group activities. Treatment services include, Out-Patient Mental Health Treatment, Counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous groups, religious services, Violence Prevention Program, Michigan Domestic Violence Program (MiDVP), and Thinking For A Change. 

In our Level II housing we have Leader Dogs for the Blind. The facility also has on-site; legal and general libraries that are available to prisoners. Prisoners are provided with excellent on-site routine medical and dental care. Serious emergency cases are treated at Sparrow Ionia Hospital and the Duane L. Waters Health Center in Jackson.


Security consists of two 12-foot wire fences (which incorporate a Stun Fence), razor ribbon, gun towers, security surveillance cameras and a personal alarm system for staff throughout the facility. Enclosed officer's stations separate each wing within the Level V housing units. A patrol vehicle with armed personnel constantly patrols the prison perimeter.