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Salary and Benefits

  • The annual starting salary for an entry-level Corrections Officer is approximately $42,598. The maximum salary for an experienced Corrections Officer after five and a half years of satisfactory service is approximately $65,250.
  • After five years of service, Corrections Officers receive longevity pay; a lump sum provided once a year based on time-in-service as of October 1 of each year.
  • Corrections Officers receive health, dental, vision and life insurance from the state of Michigan.
  • Corrections Officers receive an initial grant of 16 hours of personal leave and may earn 13 vacation days in the first calendar year, accrued four hours every two weeks of full-time work. Additional vacation time is accrued based on years of service.
  • Paid Parental Leave: Eligible employees are permitted up to 12 weeks of paid leave immediately following birth or placement for adoption of the employee's child. This paid parental leave will run concurrent with any other leave entitlements attributable to the birth or adoption, including FMLA and unpaid parental leave. 
  • Corrections Officers earn 13 paid sick days in a calendar year, accrued four hours every two weeks.
  • Corrections Officers receive 13 paid holidays per year and receive 8 hours of Birthday Leave.
  • All Corrections Officers are provided with the required uniforms and equipment. A uniform cleaning allowance is also provided.                                                                  

Any questions regarding salary and benefits should be directed to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Recruitment Section, P.O. Box 30003, Lansing, MI 48909, Phone 517-335-1874 or toll-free 888-820-7129.


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Updated: 10/02/23