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Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing Videophone Registration

The MDOC, in coordination with the prisoner telephone vendor Global Tel Link (GTL), has made available an additional deaf and/or hard of hearing telecommunication accommodation. "Videophones" (NOT Video Visitation) is an accommodation reserved for prisoners that do not know and use American Sign Language (ASL), cannot effectively communicate on a traditional telephone (with or without a phone amplifier), and can communicate non-verbally. The availability and prisoner use of Videophones is outlined in Policy Directive 04.06.156 "Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing Prisoners"

Visitors verified through GTL's Visit Now platform will be able to receive calls from prisoners in the same manner that prisoners without a deaf and/or hard of hearing disability can use the traditional telephones. If you are not currently registered as a verified visitor with GTL's Go Visits App, please click here for directions on the registration process. 

  • Length of Video Call: 30 minutes
  • Cost of Video Visits: There is no charge currently for this service. However, this may be adjusted in the future at a rate not to exceed the cost of a traditional telephone call.
  • Payment: Currently N/A
  • Scheduling: Like the use of the traditional telephone, this is not a scheduled service. Rather, it is a call initiated by the prisoner.

As stated in the linked document:

  • After you register with the application, the prisoner will place an invite on the device at the correctional facility. The e-mail address used to setup your GTL Go Visit account must be the same e-mail that is used be the prisoner to send an invite. The invite will be sent to your e-mail account where you can accept adding the prisoner.
  • All calls and registration are used via the Go Visits Application on a smartphone or tablet device.
  • Like other non-correctional based video services, the application must be running in the background in order to receive calls from the prisoner.

Additional Information as a glance: