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Friends and Family (SecurePak) Program - How it Works

The FFP Program is a Department-approved customized package program that allows family members and others to send authorized items to prisoners while safeguarding against the introduction of contraband.  Prisoners in general population also may place orders for their personal use in accordance with institutional ordering procedures.  A vendor kiosk identifying items available for purchase through the FFP Program is available to prisoners in each general population housing unit and in other areas of the institution.

There is a limit of $100, not including tax and shipping, per FFP order placed. For prisoners, this is in addition to the $100 bi-weekly limit on the purchase of Standardized Store List items from the prisoner store.

Only one FFP order may be placed by or for a prisoner per quarter (i.e., Jan-Mar; Apr-Jun; Jul-Sep; Oct-Dec). Only the first order placed by or for a prisoner each quarter will be processed, regardless of who placed the order or the value of the order.

Prisoners are prohibited from receiving FFP orders known to be purchased by or on behalf of another prisoner, parolee, or probationer.  Prisoners also are prohibited from receiving FFP orders known to be purchased by a family member of another prisoner, parolee, or probationer unless the purchaser also is a family member of the prisoner receiving the item.  A “family member” is defined as a grandparent, parent, stepparent, spouse, mother-in-law, father-in-law, child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, stepbrother, and stepsister; an aunt and/or uncle also is considered a family member if there is adequate verification that the aunt and/or uncle served as a surrogate parent of the prisoner.  Violations of these rules could result in a restriction of FFP privileges.

Prisoners in segregation are not eligible to receive FFP orders.  If an order is placed for one of these prisoners, it will not be delivered and will instead be returned to the vendor.  An order returned for this reason will not be counted toward the quarterly limit.  Orders received for prisoners that are temporarily outside of a MDOC due to a court writ will have their order returned after 5 days.  The order will not count against their quarterly limit.

For additional information about this program, see PD 04.02.135 - FFP Program, or visit the FFP website at