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Marriage - Marrying a Prisoner

The Michigan Department of Corrections allows prisoners to marry while serving their sentence. The prospective non-prisoner bride/groom must first write a letter to the Chaplain at the Correctional Facility where the prisoner is housed indicating that they want to marry Prisoner (prisoner's name), MDOC # (prisoner's number). Follow any instructions the Chaplain may provide, and provide copies of any documents requested.

The prisoner must also write a "kite" to the Chaplain at the correctional facility. The correspondence should state his or her intention to be married, and ask for the information needed to plan a wedding. The Chaplain should respond to the prisoner within a week. If he/she does not, the prisoner should re-kite the Chaplain.

A marriage license must be obtained at the court house in YOUR County of residence. If you do not live in the State of Michigan, a marriage license must be obtained from the court house in county where the prisoner is currently located.  Contact the court house in advance and ask what documentation is required to obtain a marriage license.

Weddings are scheduled based on the availability of time, space and staff work schedules.  The couple getting married are responsible for providing an officiant and two witnesses, who must complete LEIN clearances.  Michigan Department of Corrections staff will not be able to serve in this capacity.  The Chaplain will require time to schedule the wedding. On the day of the wedding bring with you all documentation requested by the Chaplain. The prisoner's ring cannot be more than $75 and must be a plain band (without stones or insignia).

For more information, please contact the Chaplain at the facility where the prisoner is currently housed.

Additional information can be found in Policy Directive 05.03.145 Prisoner Marriages here