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Orientation for Prisoners

Orientation is provided to prisoners during the intake process and within 7 days of arriving at their facility unless unavailable (e.g., out on writ; hospitalized); in such cases, orientation shall be provided as soon as possible after they become available. 

Orientation shall provide an overview of life at the facility and the facility's objectives. It shall specifically include, but is not limited to, information on the following: 

  1. The availability of health care services and how to access those services.
  2. The disciplinary and grievance process.
  3. Available programming.
  4. Custody/security aspects of the facility and expectations of prisoners. This shall include an explanation of what items are considered contraband.
  5. Available volunteer programs and services.
  6. Visiting hours and requirements for both prisoners and visitors. If there is a volunteer transportation program, written information will be provided to enable prisoners to accurately inform their family and friends of these services.
  7. Fire safety requirements, including general evacuation procedures. 

The orientation program also shall include information to help reduce the anxiety related to incarceration and assist prisoners with adjusting to institutional living. Special emphasis shall be placed on "prison pitfalls" (e.g., gambling; borrowing; loaning; homosexual pressures) and their consequences. Prisoners will be informed that staff are available should these types of problems arise. Prisoners also shall be advised of the seriousness of escape and the consequences which could result. Options for handling problems and the alleviation of anxieties which might lead to thoughts of escape shall be addressed. 

For prisoners who have a disability (e.g., hearing or sight impairment), literary deficiency or language barrier, accommodations shall be made to assist the prisoner in understanding the information provided during orientation.

 Additional information can be found in PD 04.01.140 - Prisoner Orientation.