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Transfers - Transferring Prisoners to New Locations

The MDOC places prisoners at corrections facilities in the state based upon bed space, security, programming, health care and mental health care needs.  The Department will not provide information in regard to a prisoner's transfer in advance as doing so would pose a security risk to the public, staff and the prisoner.  Once a prisoner has been transferred, the new facility location will be updated on the Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS).

The Department does not place prisoners at particular correctional facilities in order to facilitate visitation with family and friends.  Requests made by a prisoner's family or friend to be transferred to another correctional facility are not accepted.  Prisoners may request a transfer to another correctional facility; however, such a request does not guarantee that a transfer will be granted.  

For information about specific prisoner transfers, please refer to PD 05.01.140 - Prisoner Placement and Transfer or contact the Michigan Department of Corrections - Correctional Facilities Administration at 517-335-1418