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Video Visitation

The Michigan Department of Corrections offers video visitation as an avenue for those incarcerated and their families to connect. 

Visitors on the Approved Visitor List of a prisoner will be able to request a video visit once the facility where the prisoner is housed has begun online scheduling. If you are not on an Approved Visitor List, please visit our Visiting a Prisoner Page for information on the application process. 

Video Visiting Standards can be found here.

Video Visitation Steps for Approved Visitors

  1. The Approved Visitor should navigate to the GTL Visitor website by clicking here.
  2. The Approved Visitor will need to create an account on the GTL Visitor website and request to visit the prisoner at their assigned facility.
  3. Once approved on the GTL site, the Approved Visitor will then be able to request a scheduled video visit for prisoners at that facility.
  • Length of Video Visits: 20 minutes
  • Cost of Video Visits: The cost of a scheduled twenty (20) minute video visit is $3.20.
  • Payment: The video visit must be paid for in advance by the person scheduled the visit.
  • Scheduling Window: Video visits may be scheduled no MORE THAN 7 DAYS in advance of the scheduled visit and not after 48 hours.


Updated: 10/11/23