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Health Care

Doctor examining a prisoner in patient exam room

Health Care

If you are a family member with health care and/or mental health questions concerning a prisoner, please contact BHCS Communications at 517-335-2263 or


The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) currently arranges for and administers medically necessary health care to approximately 32,500 prisoners annually at 27 correctional facilities and one reentry center. MDOC operates the Duane Waters Health Center (DWH) in Jackson, which has 152 inpatient beds and houses prisoners whose medical needs cannot be met at other correctional facilities within the state.

MDOC takes a population health approach to patient care, strategically developing the entire spectrum of health system interventions, including prevention, health promotion, diagnosis, drug interventions, and treatment, for defined populations of prisoners. The approach incorporates elements of many successful care models and care management strategies in use throughout the health care system.

Bureau of Health Care Services Mission:

The Bureau of Health Care Services’ (BHCS) mission is to deliver general health care, psychiatric care, substance abuse treatment, dental care, and pharmacy services. The MDOC will integrate all aspects of health care to organize prisoners by their level of care, utilize evidence-based approaches to maximize health outcomes, optimize medication taken by each prisoner, and minimize overall costs. 

MDOC’s health care delivery system is comprehensive, focusing on preventative measures, clinical outcomes, medication management, evidence-based practices, and innovative care approaches. This approach ensures a seamless connection to appropriate care in the community when a prisoner is paroled or discharged, providing reassurance about the thoroughness of our approach.

BHCS is proud to employ a diverse team of approximately 1,300 healthcare professionals, including general health, dental, behavioral health, substance abuse, and optometry providers. Our collaboration with outside vendors further enhances our ability to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our population, instilling confidence in our comprehensive approach.

Our staff is truly our greatest resource. BHCS staff demonstrate the highest standard of professionalism in a very challenging environment, balancing the demands associated with maintaining a secure environment and providing quality health care.


Updated: 05/29/24