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Employment and Opportunities Unit

The Employment and Opportunities Unit (EOU) works with the Corrections Facility Administration (CFA), Field Operations Administration (FOA), and Offender Success Administrative Agencies (OSAA) to connect job ready parolees and probationers with employment and training opportunities throughout the State of Michigan. The EOU maintains partnerships with employers, training schools and other service and employment partners in every region of the state to provide opportunities that help returning citizens successfully integrate back into their communities. Throughout the year, the unit holds large scale job fairs as well as smaller hiring events throughout the state with the goal of connecting parolees and probationers to employment opportunities and community resources. The EOU also work with regional OSAAs and community partners to help identify and reduce any barriers to employment to help meet the unique needs of each person.

The MDOC can help employers find candidates with a wide variety of skill and training, including training in skilled trades for a number of high demand occupations. There are also incentives available to employers that hire justice-involved individuals, including the Fidelity Bonding program which provides coverage against theft, larceny, forgery and embezzlement for the first 6 months of employment, free of charge and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit which provides eligible employers with a federal tax credit based on the eligibility of the employee. 

Please note, the EOU can only work with prospective employment candidates that are currently under the jurisdiction of the MDOC. Individuals who are not under the jurisdiction of the MDOC, but have a felony record, should seek assistance from their local MichiganWorks! or other community employment agencies.

If you are an employer or training school that is interested in partnering with us, please reach out to the Workforce Development Specialist that covers your area for more information.
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Updated: 07/27/23