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For Employers

Image of two prisoners meeting with an employer

For Employers


Workforce Development Packets

Employment counselors at the facility create workforce development referral packets for each prisoner when they enter the program. The packet contains records of any national, state or local certifications earned and information on skills obtained during their training at the facility, along with copies of vital documents. A certificate of employability is also included in the packet for qualified prisoners.

Packets are presented to offenders upon release and electronic copies are also available upon request through the MDOC Education Office.


Certificate of Employability

The certificate of employability provides returning offenders with documents that will help them secure employment.

These certificates also help protect employers who hire former prisoners from some lawsuits filed in relation to hiring someone returning to the community.

The hope is that these documents will help remove the stigma associated with hiring these citizens and eliminate the risk for employers.

Prisoners are eligible for the certificate of employability if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of a career and technical education course
  • Have no Class I misconducts (formerly Major Misconducts) during the two years immediately preceding release,
  • Have no more than three Class II misconducts (formerly Minor Misconducts) during the two years immediately preceding release
  • Score a silver level or better on the WorkKeys test


Employment Readiness

Students participating in employment readiness courses are provided an overview of basic computer operations, keyboarding, use of the Internet, productivity programs and computer security. Students will also learn employability skills, including portfolio development and resume writing.



Eligible students will be able to take the ACT WorkKeys tests. WorkKeys is a job skills’ assessment system measuring "real-world" skills that employers have indicated are critical to job success. Students who pass the test can receive nationally recognized workforce readiness certificates.