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For Families

Photo of a little girl on her father's shoulders

For Families

Photo of parent holding a toddler

Program Information

If you have incarcerated friends or family members that you think may be a good fit for the Vocational Village, please talk to them about it and encourage them to apply.

Prisoners interested in participating in the Vocational Village will have to fill out the application for vocational counseling and sign a contract.

Those who complete the application and contract are then placed on the statewide waiting list.  When the Vocational Village has openings for new students, the statewide list is reviewed and eligible prisoners are screened for participation.

To participate, prisoners must:

  • Have a recommendation for career technical education programming
  • Have completed required academic programming
  • Have an interest or aptitude for a particular trade as indicated by vocational counseling
  • Have jobs related to the vocational trade available in the prisoner's county of parole
  • Be within 12 to 24 months of their earliest release date
  • Be Class 1 misconduct free for 24 months
  • Have completed all core programming referrals, or the core program(s) needed must be available at the Vocational Village facility
  • Screen for General Population

New spots will be opening soon as the department expands the Vocational Village to a second site at Parnall Correctional Facility in Jackson.

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