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Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) Closed

Administration building at Florence Crane Correctional Facility

Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) Closed

Branch County

Warden Carol R. Howes
38 Fourth Street
Coldwater, MI 49036

Open: 1985
Gender/Age Limit: Males, 18 and older
Security Level: Secure Level I


The Florence Crane Correctional Facility occupies seven renovated buildings taken over from the Coldwater Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities, and a new housing unit building and food service building which were completed in March, 2000. Prisoners are Secure Level I custody.


Prisoners may become involved in the following academic and vocational programs: Adult Basic Education, General Education Development preparation and testing, horticulture, and food technology.

Leisure time activities, religious services, psychological services, substance abuse groups and Alcoholics Anonymous groups are available. The medical needs of prisoners are met through the Bureau of Health Care Services which provides medical, dental, psychiatric, and psychological services. Necessary off-site care is provided by various hospitals.

Prisoners have opportunities to develop skills and good work habits through various institutional assignments. Prisoners work in food service, on-grounds maintenance, unit maintenance and the library. They also work as academic school tutors and teacher aides. Prisoners also assist maintenance workers in preparing and refurbishing the buildings at the prison as well as maintaining acceptable levels of cleanliness in the buildings.


Crane has a double fence, electronic detection systems, razor-ribbon wire and a perimeter patrol vehicle.