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Michigan Reformatory (RMI) - Closed November 13, 2022

Michigan Reformatory

Michigan Reformatory (RMI) - Closed November 13, 2022

Ionia County

Acting Warden Mike Walczak
1342 W. Main
Ionia, MI 48846
Directions (Bing Maps)

Ionia County

Telephone: 616-527-2500
Open: Originally opened in 1877, following closure in 2001, the facility re-opened in November 2007
Gender/Age Limit: Males, 18 and older
Security Levels: II and IV


The Michigan Reformatory is a multi-level Correctional Facility it houses prisoners classified to Level II (352 beds) and Level IV (797 beds). The prison is on 40 acres of land, with 15.8 acres inside the walls. The facility location is west of the city of Ionia in the county of Ionia. Originally named the State House of Corrections at Ionia, the facility opened in 1877 and was re-named Michigan Reformatory in 1901. 

Prisoners serve institutional needs in areas such as food service, yard crews, recreation, institutional housekeeping, and maintenance workers.


Academic Education, pre-release preparation, psychological counseling, along with several programs to prepare prisoners for release from prison.  Other programs that are offered are general and law libraries, hobbycraft, religious services, recreation programs, and a barbershop.


The perimeter of the facility consists of brick walls with armed gun towers and electronic detection systems.