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Pugsley Correctional Facility (MPF) Closed September 24, 2016

Administration building at Pugsley Correctional Facility

Pugsley Correctional Facility (MPF) Closed September 24, 2016

Grand Traverse County

Warden Shirlee Harry
7401 East Walton Road
Kingsley, MI 49649

Region 1 - Grand Traverse County

Open: Originally opened as a camp in 1956; converted to a Secure Level I prison and opened in January 2001
Gender/Age Limit: Males, 18 and older
Security Level: Secure Level I


The Pugsley Correctional Facility is located approximately 25 miles southeast of Traverse City, near the village of Kingsley. The facility proper is located on 23 acres which contains 3 housing buildings containing 48 cubicles, housing up to 384 prisoners per building. The former Camp Building was renovated when the Facility was being constructed and is able to house up to 190 prisoners, for a total capacity of 1342 prisoners. Additional buildings contained on the property include a Chapel, Programs, Gymnasium, Food Service, Health Care/Administration, Human Resources/Training and Maintenance/Warehouse/Store.


Pugsley offers educational programs including Adult Basic Education, General Education Development, Business Education Technology and Building Trades. As a Prisoner Reentry In-Reach Facility serving 23 counties located in the Northern Lower Peninsula. The facility offers evidenced-based cognitive thinking courses in Cage Your Rage, Thinking for a Change, Life Without a Crutch, Thinking Matters, Men are Parents Too, Assaultive Offender Psychological Programming, Sex Offender Psychological Programming, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Groups, Substance Abuse Counseling including Educational-Outpatient-Group, Inside Out Dads, From the Inside Out, Pre-Release, Family Reunification, Domestic Violence Assessment, Veterans Affairs Workshops, Domestic Violence M.E.N.S. Group and Law Enforcement Workshops. Other activities include indoor and outdoor intramural sports, religious services, the Michigan State University Master Gardener program and various clubs. The facility also partners with several entities within the community in producing approximately 20,000 pounds of produce annually that is provided local area food banks.     
Routine health care, which includes dental care, medical care, optometry services, psychological services and outpatient mental health services are provided on site. Emergency and serious health care needs are handled at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City as well as at Duane L. Waters Hospital in Jackson, Michigan. The facility also has a videoconferencing system, allowing legal hearings, deportation hearings, Parole Board interviews, medical and psychological interviews and remote meetings via this communication system.


Perimeter security involves two 15.5 foot high fences, the exterior fence being covered with rolls of razor wire, up its length and a roll of razor wire on the top of the inner fence. In addition to an electronic detection system and camera surveillance the perimeter is staffed with a roving 24 hour patrol of the perimeter. The facility also has an Emergency Response Team that receives specialized training in response to emergency situations that may arise.