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Warden T.B. Catlin and Deputy Warden Fred Menhennett - Marquette Branch Prison

December 12, 1921: This was the only time in the history of the department that a Warden and Deputy Warden of a Michigan prison were killed by inmates. Warden T.B. Catlin and Deputy Warden Fred Menhennett, of the Marquette Branch Prison, were both stabbed by prisoners. Menhennett died at the scene, while Catlin lived for six more weeks.

The attack occurred during a Sunday afternoon movie showing at the prison. A convict hiding in the theater ran up to warden Catlin and stabbed him repeatedly. Menhennett tried to intercede and was mortally wounded in the process. The inmate and two accomplices chased Catlin down and continued their attack before finally being subdued.

The inmate was reportedly angry at the new warden for taking away some of his freedoms as awarded by the previous warden.