• The State of Michigan continues to provide valuable resources and information to help Flint families recover from the water crisis.

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  • The state of Michigan continues to provide necessary support and resources to Flint residents recovering from the city’s water crisis.

Resident Information

Water Resources

  • Critical clean water resources like bottled water, water filters, and water testing kits are available for free to Flint families.

Water Resources

Testing Results

  • Flint residents who have returned a water testing kit to a water resource site can find their test results on this website.

Testing Results

Media Center

  • The latest news updates regarding the Flint water crisis are available to keep the city’s residents and the media informed.

Media Resources

Helpful Resources Title

Helpful Resources

  • Local services, reports, and alternative language resources are available to Flint residents. If you need additional help, have questions, or require assistance,
    please call United Way 2-1-1.