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Residential and Business Sampling

The residential and business sampling results show the water test results from Flint residences and businesses.

Due to their complexity, water systems require multiple data points in order to be able to evaluate the system as a whole. Under the requirements of the Lead and Copper Rule a water supply must have a minimum of 90% of their regulatory samples be at 15 PPB of lead or less. This 15 PPB threshold is known as an Action Level. During the last monitoring period which ended on June 30, 2021, the Action Level for the City of Flint was 3 PPB for lead. That means that 90% of the samples were at 3 PPB or less for lead.

It is important to know that the remaining 10% of the samples could potentially be at any level. That means that they could be anywhere from "Not Detected", which means that the level was below the amount that the instrument can measure all to way up to the hundreds and potentially thousands of PPB.

In the case where there is a high level of lead, the City sends out Public Health Navigators to speak with the residents and businesses about their results. The Public Health Navigators cover a number of topics including filters, filter maintenance, aerator maintenance and water usage to name a few. Often times these high lead levels are because there is low water usage at the address and follow-up testing has shown how routine water use can reduce lead levels. In addition, the filters that are being provided to residents free of charge have been shown to be effective at the reduction of lead in water.

Residential and Business Sampling Results