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Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI)

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MYOI is a partnership between the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, the Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency, and many other local community partners. 

Click here for the MYOI program flyer.

What is MYOI? 

MYOI's goal is to ensure that young people in foster care have successful outcomes in housing, education, employment, community engagement and health. Each site provides:

Youth Boards 

Youth boards serve as the leadership and advocacy arm of MYOI. Youth are trained in leadership, media and communication skills, including how to strategically share their story and present on panels. 

Community Partner Boards

A community partner board is a group of businesses, public and private agencies, and community representatives that have an interest in assisting youth who are transitioning out of foster care. Community Partner Board members provide support, discounts to services and advocacy for older youth in care. 


Training opportunities provided to youth encompass asset purchases, life skills, and preparation for adulthood including, housing, employment, education, health and community engagement. 


Each youth has an Individual Development Account (IDA). Youth are required to save money in their IDA each month. MYOI matches the IDA funds dollar for dollar, based on fund source availability, for a youth to purchase an approved asset. 


Youth earn stipend payments for participation in events and meetings. The stipends assist youth to save money in their IDAs. Earning stipends is a tangible way to recognize the time and effort the youth contributes to the program. 


  • Michigan youth who are active in the foster care system who are placed out of their home based on abuse and neglect or juvenile justice from age 14 to age 23. 
  • Michigan youth, ages 18 to 23, that have been in an eligible foster care or juvenile justice placement on or after their 14th birthday but are no longer under MDHHS supervision. 


  1. Verify eligibility with the local coordinator. 
  2. Complete the enrollment packet.
  3. Complete eight hours of financial literacy training. 
  4. Open one Individual Development Account (IDA) and one personal savings account. 
  5. Complete an on-line survey.   


Click below for the current MYOI County contacts 

MYOI County Contacts