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Legal Assistance

Michigan Courts: Knowing the Laws and Rules

When will the law consider me an Adult?

Are you an adult at seventeen, eighteen? Find out here.

Eighteen by election day? You can register to vote!

One of the greatest strengths of America is that all citizens are provided a voice through the voting booth. And every vote does count! Many an election has been won by a handful of votes or even just one vote.

You and the Law

This booklet provides information on laws that are of special concern to teens. New sections include information on changes in driver's licensing rules and, for those of you are on the verge of turning 18, this booklet includes sections on voting and landlord/tenant law. It also contains a section on child custody, paternity, "parenting time," and child support. 

Legal Terms in plain English

This Handbook is designed for non-legal personnel, the definitions are written in plain English rather than in complicated legal terms.

Michigan Legal Aid provides help with legal problems to low income residents of Michigan. On this site you will find information about the law and about places to go for help with legal and related problems.

Need legal help?

How do I find low-cost legal help?

Michigan Courts

Michigan Courts Self-Help Center

Find legal assistance, learn about Michigan law, and learn how to represent yourself in some legal matters.

Going to Court - Which Court do you need?

This section will assist you in identifying the proper court for resolving your legal matter. If you have been notified to appear in court for jury duty or to respond to a summons or traffic ticket, please read the notice or summons carefully. It will indicate the court to which you should proceed.

Courtroom etiquette

May I use my cell phone in the courtroom? Find out here.