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Photo of a tree lined road.


Photo of a teen driving a car.

Learn to Drive

Get your first Michigan Drivers License

Teen drivers under age 18 must complete two segments of driver education classroom instruction and meet the requirements for each of the three GDL licensing levels.

What to expect from Segment 1 Driver Education

What to expect from Segment 2 Driver Education

Michigan sites for taking your road test

Driving Resources

Did You Know..

that you may be eligible for covered drivers training expenses under the YIT program? Check out our information for eligibility requirements.

MI Drive Website

Michigan road maps, search for road construction, city to city distance/time calculator, city-county locator and more.

Road Rage. Do YOU have it?

Take this test to find out.

Winter Driving Tips

Driving in the winter can be harrowing, especially in snowstorms and icy conditions. By getting your car ready for winter and using some simple tips to drive safely, you can face almost any weather Mother Nature decides to send your way.
Photo of a woman standing in front of her car holding up her car keys.

Auto Insurance and Maintenance

Buyer's guide to auto insurance in Michigan

Auto insurance premiums vary among insurance companies, so be sure to shop around. Your premium will depend on the coverages you choose and factors related to your personal situation, such as driving record and claims history. 

What will happen if you drive without auto insurance

Frequently asked questions and information on purchasing auto insurance.

What you need to know

Winter driving tips, Emergency supply list and maintaining your vehicle.
Photo of the inside of a bus.

Riding the Bus or AMTRACK?

List of Public Transit Providers

Days and hours of operation.

Greyhound Ticket Center

Plan your trip here.

Find an AMTRACK station

Train routes, schedules, and fares.