Aquatic Invasive Animals

For questions about invasive carp identification, status in Michigan, Michigan's Invasive Carp Management Plan, other fish (e.g. snakehead) and aquatic animals (e.g. invasive crayfish), please contact:

Lucas Nathan - DNR Fisheries Division 517-599-9323

Find more information on invasive carp at 

Aquatic Invasive Plants

For questions on:

  • Chemical control of aquatic species, permitting, and submerged plant identification, please contact: 
    Aquatic Nuisance Control Program staff, EGLE - Water Resources Division, 517-284-5593
  • Mowing and other forms of mechanical control, permitting, and Great Lakes Shoreline management, please contact:
    Eric Calabro, EGLE - Water Resources Division, 517-243-5584
  • Identification and control of invasive phragmites, please contact:
    Kevin Walters, EGLE Water Resources, 616-250-8637
  • Watch list species reporting - Brazilian elodea, European Frogbit, European water clover, Hydrilla, Parrot feather, Water chestnut, Water hyacinth, Water lettuce, Water soldier, and Yellow floating heart
    EGLE Aquatic Nuisance Control Program, 517-284-5593
Aquatic Invasive Species Education & Outreach

For questions about education programs and outreach materials related to AIS, please contact:

Kevin Walters, EGLE - Water Resources Division 616-250-8637

Aquatic Invasive Species Program

For questions on overall aquatic invasive species program and Michigan’s Aquatic Invasive Species State Management Plan, please contact:

Sarah LeSage, AIS Program Coordinator EGLE - Water Resources Division 517-243-4735

Ballast Water

For questions on:

  • Michigan’s ballast water program and Michigan’s Section 401 certification, please contact:
    Sarah LeSage, EGLE - Water Resources Division 517-284-5472
  • Michigan’s state ballast water permit and application, please contact:
    Matt Mulford, EGLE - Water Resources Division 517-284-5598
Communications and Media

For general invasive species media inquiries and communications-related matters, please contact:

Joanne Foreman, DNR, EGLE and DARD Invasive Species Program Communications Coordinator, 517-284-5814


To report invasive species law/regulation violations, please call the DNR Report all Poaching (RAP) Line at 1-800-292-7800.  For questions, please contact:

Corporal Nick Torsky, DNR - Law Enforcement Division

Insects and Plant Diseases

For questions about:

Invasive Species Laws/Regulations

For questions about:

  • Michigan’s NREPA Part 413 Prohibited and Restricted species law, other regulations, species identification, and permits as they pertain to plants and insects, please contact:
    Susannah Iott, MDARD - Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division 517-420-0473
  • Michigan’s NREPA Part 413 Prohibited and Restricted species law, other regulations, species identification, and permits as they pertain to all species besides plants and insects, please contact:
    Lucas Nathan, DNR - Fisheries Division 517-599-9323

Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program

For general questions about MISGP, grant requirements, application process, etc., please contact:

Erin Campbell, DNR – Finance & Operations 517-284-5957

State Park Lands & State Administered Boat Launches

For questions about invasive species and associated issues in state parks and at state administered boat launches, pelase contact:

Christina Baugher, DNR – Parks & Recreation Division 517-284-5835

Terrestrial Invasive Plants, Mammals, and Birds

For questions about:

  • Identification, management and control of terrestrial invasive plants and Michigan's Terrestrial Invasive Species Management Plan, please contact:

Susannah Iott, MDARD Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division, 517-420-0473

  • Identification, management and control of terrestrial invasive mammals and birds, please contact:
Ryan Wheeler, DNR – Wildlife Division, 517-614-1501
  • Permitting for mechanical control of invasive plants in a Critical Dune Area, please contact:

Kate Lederle, EGLE Water Resources 517-290-2757

  • For general inquiries, or if none of the above contacts fit with your question, please call the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy's (EGLE) Environmental Assistance Center at 1-800-662-9278