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Don't move firewood

Invasive pests and diseases can be transported in firewood

Tree killers could be just one bundle of firewood away. Invasive insects and diseases have killed millions of trees in Michigan – often after hitching a ride on firewood. Hauling firewood, even a short distance, from one part of the state to another is a common way for these invasive species to infest new locations. Examples of invasives species include oak wiltemerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle, among many others.

Firewood laws and quarantines

  • You can no longer bring firewood into some national parks, forests and lakeshores in Michigan. Know the rules before you visit.
  • At times, quarantines may regulate the movement of firewood within or into the state of Michigan. Know the current firewood laws.
  • To protect against the introduction or spread of invasive forest pests choose firewood that is certified as heat treated or obtain firewood local to the area where you will be using it. Find firewood in Michigan at

Firewood checklist

  • Leave firewood at home.
  • Buy firewood at your destination. At most campgrounds, it is available on the premises or from nearby vendors who sell USDA certified firewood.
  • Purchasing certified firewood is the best choice. It has been heat-treated to USDA standards and will bear a USDA or state-based certification stamp with the producer’s name and address.
  • If certified firewood is not available, purchase your firewood as close as possible to where you will burn it.
  • If you buy firewood and don’t burn it all, don’t take it home with you or to your next destination.