Protecting Food at the Processing Plant and at the Store

  • MDARD staff inspects the plants where food is processed including bakeries, candy manufacturers, cereal and flour mills, and processors of ice, maple syrup, fruit, and vegetables. In 2010, 705 seizures occurred due to a variety of violations.   
  • In 2010, food inspectors conducted 18,194 inspections in food establishments which included monitoring the wholesomeness of food, the sanitary conditions of the facility, and the misuse or inappropriate storage of pesticides.   
  • A special sampling and inspection program assures all frozen desserts and soft cheese products are free of pathogenic bacteria (e.g., Listeria, Yersinia, etc.) which can cause illness, especially in the elderly, young, and immuno-suppressed.   
  • Dairy inspectors inspect and test all dairy products including infant formulas for detection of pesticide residues and heavy metal compounds.