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Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance

The Department of Civil Rights no longer administers, awards or renews “Certificates of Compliance” also known as “Certificates of Awardability”. These certificates were part of the Contract Compliance program through which vendors seeking contracts with the State of Michigan could obtain a certificate verifying that they will not discriminate in employment.

While obtaining a Certificate of Compliance is no longer a pre-condition for entering into a contract, all vendors doing business with the state are still legally required to comply with Michigan’s anti-discrimination laws. In addition, all state and local government contracts in Michigan must include a promise by the contractor and subcontractors not to discriminate against an employee or applicant for employment. Any breach of this promise may subject you to civil rights lawsuits and enforcement actions (MCL 37.2209).

If you own or run a business that contracts with the state, you should be aware the Department of Civil Rights will investigate any complaints filed against you, and we may at any time review your policies and or current workforce to ensure that all civil rights laws are being observed.  

We encourage businesses to periodically review their policies and procedures, and to consider whether the make-up of their workforce might be an unintended symptom of a policy that should be changed.  

Any questions on bids or contracts with the State of Michigan should be directed to the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) at