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MDCR welcomes US Supreme Court's decision to review Michigan's Proposal 2 (2006) restrictions

LANSING - The Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) today applauded the US Supreme Court decision to examine whether a state may constitutionally ban the use of race in deciding who gets admitted to public colleges or universities. While MDCR agrees with the findings of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in ruling that a majority of voters could not tie universities' hands on only admissions policies that concern minority interests, the department welcomes the opportunity to have the highest court in the land bring clarity to this complicated and confusing issue.

"MDCR has long advocated that diversity of all kinds creates a learning environment that prepares students for a global workplace they will graduate into," said MDCR Director Daniel H. Krichbaum. "We believe the Supreme Court will agree with the Court of Appeals ruling that race cannot be the only prohibited consideration when a university is comparing two qualified applicants."

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission submitted an amicus curiae brief to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the repeal of Proposal 2 of 2006 in 2009. To read the text of that brief, click here.


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