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Arbulu Issues Statement on MLPP/CBPP Report on Disparities in Higher Education Costs in Michigan

Lansing, MI - Agustin V. Arbulu, Director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, has issued the following statement on a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Michigan League for Public Policy outlining significant disparities in the cost of access to a college education.

“We just received a copy of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Report on higher education.This important report makes clear that the cost of access to a college education is unreasonably high, especially for families of color in Michigan.The Governor’s Marshall Plan for Talent is an example of an initiative aimed at tackling the challenges to earning a livable wage and achieving an educated workforce by creating a unique partnership with educators and businesses. 

We strongly encourage developing policies, across the board, that focus on achieving equitable outcomes in educational access and in access to resources and opportunity in general. The goal of achieving equity is an effort the Michigan Department of Civil Rights is actively spearheading with governments and organizations throughout the state. It is vital to make sure all our young people have access to higher education and opportunity without saddling them with crippling debt which will inhibit their ability to succeed and get ahead.”


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