Legal Insurance Plan

Benefits for Life Voluntary Insurance Program: Be safe, be protected, be prepared 

Legal Plan

A legal insurance plan for many common personal legal issues. In today's world, no matter where you are in your life, starting your first job, retiring, or somewhere in between, you are almost certain to experience life events that have potential legal ramifications.

Legal Plan LogoWith a legal plan from Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife company, you have the professional legal help you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from legal difficulties.

You have the option to participate in the MetLaw or the MetLaw with FraudScout plan from Hyatt Legal Plans. Both plans give you and eligible family members affordable protection for legal expenses and access to experienced attorneys. Both plans provide a full year of legal coverage for a price that many attorneys charge for just one hour of service*. Your coverage will be renewed automatically each year and may only be cancelled during a Benefits for Life open enrollment period. Please watch the Legal Plan Insurance video for more information on this benefit.

When using Hyatt Legal Plans' Network Attorneys, attorney fees are 100% paid-in-full for most covered matters. You can also choose any out-of-network attorney you'd like and receive reimbursements up to the scheduled maximums.

Review the MetLaw & MetLaw Plus FraudScout Summary plan descriptions by visiting Locate the section on the right side of the page called "Benefits for Life (BFL) State of Michigan Voluntary Benefit Program for Active Employees," then select the drop down "Legal Plan - MetLaw from Hyatt Legal."

Legal Plan MetLaw: Covered Legal Services

  • Telephone advice and office consultations on many personal legal matters

  • Preparation of wills, codicils, living wills, living trusts, and powers of attorney

  • Attorney representation for matters such as:

    • Purchase or sale of your primary or secondary residence

    • Debt collection defense

    • Adoption

    • Juvenile court

    • Divorce (contested and uncontested up to 20 hours per event)

  • Online access to our e-panel of attorneys, to answer your Legal questions as well as downloadable Do-It-Yourself Legal Documents

Legal Plan MetLaw with FraudScout: Covered Legal Services

The MetLaw with FraudScout plan includes all the benefits of the existing MetLaw plan with the addition of:

  • Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring: From triple bureau credit monitoring to lost wallet and identity restoration, your personal information and financial standing are protected.

Coverage Options

Plan Bi-Weekly Rate (26 Per Year)
MetLaw $9.00
MetLaw with FraudScout $10.11

When may I start using my new network of attorneys?
If you signed up during the 2019 Benefits for Life enrollment period, you may start using your new legal plan effective May 1, 2019. Look for additional information to be sent to your home shortly after you enroll. For more information, log in to for MetLaw or for MetLaw plus FraudScout (Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring).

*Limitations and exclusions apply. In certain states legal services benefits are provided through insurance coverage underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates, Warwick, Rhode Island, and its affiliates.