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Work Unit Consultations

Some of the most common challenges impacting a work area are organizational change, job stress, dealing with difficult customers, conflicts with supervisor and/or colleagues, future job uncertainty, and ineffective communication. The Employee Service Program (ESP) offers consultation services to management on concerns that they have involving a work unit or area. The work unit consultation service can focus on issues such as low morale, interpersonal conflicts, reactions to organizational change, and grief-related concerns.

The goals of an ESP work unit consultation are to identify solutions to resolve work-related concerns affecting customers, employees, and overall program quality, and to help managers and their staff identify how they can become active agents in achieving solutions to their work-related concerns.

Work unit consultations usually involve contact with more than one level of management and require multiple contacts. There is no specific time frame in which to complete a work unit consultation as this will vary depending on the issues and concerns for the area. The consultation process involves initial contact, assessment, goal setting, recommendations, and evaluation.

Management and HR personnel can contact ESP to discuss options related to work unit concerns by calling 800-521-1377 or e-mailing Consultation appointments can be made for video Teams or telephone. ESP hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the exception of state holidays.