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ESP Tip of the Month

When we get sick or injured, we take medicine or visit the doctor to feel better and recuperate. But there are also things we can do to reduce the risk of getting sick or injured in the first place, like washing our hands or stretching before exercise. Our mental health works similarly. Treating it as an ongoing process is important for our mental health maintenance and overall well-being.

To support the idea of wellness as an ongoing process, the Employee Service Program (ESP) offers the Tip of the Month series of video recordings. These short videos, generally under five minutes long, will focus on a different wellness topic each month, with a goal of providing ideas, tips, and insights that will help you stay mindful of your everyday wellness, in addition to concepts and methods that can be used during more difficult times.

ESP Tip of the Week Archive
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Employee Service Program (ESP) created short videos outlining tips and suggestions to support wellness and foster resilience.

While some videos focus on COVID-19, many videos in the Tip of the Week archive offer general wellness tips and suggestions that can be applied in daily life. Each video is around three minutes long and covers a different topic.