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Wellness Wednesday Webinars Recordings

Below you will find recordings of past Wellness Wednesday Webinars hosted on YouTube.

Click the appropriate link to start watching now.

Managing Anxiety Building Resilience - YouTube: Wednesday, June 1 Recording

  • For more than two years, we have been trying to stay safe through reduced contact with others, attending fewer group activities, working remotely for many, and even isolating for some. With that, it is understandable that increasing social interaction or returning to the workplace may trigger anxiety for many. This webinar will help you better understand anxiety, learn methods for reducing it, and how to build resilience for the future.

Coping with Grief and Loss - YouTube: Wednesday, May 4 Recording

  • Grief is a universal experience that impacts all of us throughout our lives. Yet grief is also individualized and unique to personal experiences. The loss of loved ones and friends during the past two years has been especially difficult. This session will help participants gain a better understanding of grief, including complicated bereavement, and how it can be present in the workplace. It will also address ways to receive and provide support for grief and access additional resource.

Managing the Stress of Change and Uncertainty - YouTube: Wednesday, April 6 Recording

  • Even though we now experience change on a constant basis, it still has the potential for increasing our stress level. This is especially true when there is much uncertainty related to change or change that feels out of our control. Yet how we manage uncertainty and change can make a huge difference on our overall outlook and well-being. This webinar will help increase your understanding of why change can be stressful, learn strategies for minimizing and managing stress, and guide you through a quick relaxation technique to use during uncertain times.

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