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Wellness Wednesday Webinars Recordings

Below you will find recordings of past Wellness Wednesday Webinars hosted on YouTube.

Click the appropriate link to start watching now.

Creating Healthy Habits

  • Most people have at least one goal they want to work on, or a habit they would like to break. Creating healthy habits is part of a positive stress management plan and can help with overall mental health and wellbeing. This webinar will explore how we can recognize unproductive habits and learn tips for forming new healthy habits.

Get to Know ESP for Employees

  • As a State of Michigan employee, Employee Service Program (ESP) is available to you and your eligible family members as part of your benefits package. ESP is here to help and knowing about our services can better equip you to solve work-related and personal challenges. This presentation offers employees an opportunity to learn about the confidential, no-cost services we provide and how ESP can be of assistance.

Time Management - How to Make the Most Out of Your Day

  • “If I only had more time.” How often have you said that to yourself? While we cannot add more hours to the day, we may be able to make better use of the time that we do have. Improving your time management skills can help you to be more productive and feel less stressed. This session will help you identify the benefits of effective time management, develop time management strategies, and become more productive so that you can make the most of your time.

Promoting Positive Interactions in the Workplace 

  • During times of increased stress, we can experience tension and conflict in our interactions with others. When our patience is weakened due to stress, we are more easily frustrated, and our choice of words/body language may not be the best. This session focuses on increasing our understanding of stress, recognizing how we can be more positive in the workplace, and provides tips on increasing our communication skills.

Managing Anxiety Building Resilience

Coping with Grief and Loss

Managing the Stress of Change and Uncertainty

Beating the Winter Blues

Understanding Burnout and What to do About it

Mindfulness Through the Holidays

Work-Life Balance in 2021

Parenting Beyond COVID-19: What do we do now?

Moving Forward: Excitement, Concerns, and Challenges for Managers

Navigating Communication in the New Workplace

Managing Anxiety-Building Resilience

Coping with Grief and Loss

Prioritizing Self-Care and Stress Management

Practicing Mindfulness to Support Wellness