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Dental Plans

Dental Benefit Information

Please review the following information regarding dental care options. If you are a seasonal, part-time, permanent intermittent, or job sharing employee, or if you are a State employee married to another State employee/retiree, see the Employee Eligibility page. For rate information please refer to the Insurance Premium Rates page.

  • Delta Dental of Michigan

    The State Dental Plan provides you the opportunity to see any provider you choose, regardless of whether that provider participates in Delta Dental’s networks. While you can visit any provider, you will save the most money by visiting a dentist from one of two provider networks: Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier®.

    The difference between the two networks is that you will receive greater savings when you receive care from a Delta Dental PPO network provider. This is because providers who participate in the Delta Dental PPO network agree to accept the lowest fees as payment in full. If you choose to visit a Delta Dental Premier® provider, you will still receive the same protections and coverage as you would with a Delta Dental PPO provider, but it may cost more, as the Delta Dental Premier® providers accept a different fee schedule as payment in full.

    If you see a dentist who does not participate in either the Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier® network, you will still be covered, but you may have to pay more. In this case, Delta Dental would pay you directly based on the dentist’s submitted fee or Delta Dental’s nonparticipating dentist fee, whichever is less. You would be responsible for paying the dentist whatever he or she charges, and you may have to submit your own claims.

    On January 1, 2023, the State Dental Plan's orthodontics lifetime maximum increased. View the Orthodontics Lifetime Maximum Q&A document for more information. 

  • Delta Dental of Michigan

    The State will cover the full premium cost of this plan1 for employees and, if you are enrolled, you will receive a $100 rebate in January2. This preventive care plan covers diagnostic exams, x-rays, and cleanings to the same extent as the State Dental Plan. However, no other services are covered. This plan is intended as an option if you have dental coverages elsewhere (e.g., through a spouse who works for a non-State employer). You can use the licensed dental care provider of your choice. However, dentists who participate under a provider contract with the dental vendor have agreed to accept the vendor's scheduled reimbursement; non-participating dentists have not. If you visit a non-participating dentist, you will be responsible for the difference between Delta Dental's payment and the non-participating dentist's fee, and you may need to file your own claims.

    1Except for those employees in certain bargaining units who are hired on or after 1/1/00 who have a regular work schedule of 40 hours or less per bi-weekly pay period (not permanent-intermittent positions).

    2Employees who opt out of dental coverage or enroll in the Preventive Dental Plan (because they have "primary" coverage through a non-State employee or non-State retired spouse) will receive a $100 rebate annually in January. The rebate will be prorated for new employees hired mid-year.

  • If you are an employee enrolled in another non-State group dental plan, you can opt out completely and still receive a $100 rebate in January by selecting "Dental Waive with Rebate." If you are enrolled in the Preventive Dental Plan or waive the dental benefit, and your coverages are terminated mid-year, you will have to return, via a deduction from your pay warrant, a prorated portion of any lump sum rebate you receive, as it was originally paid to you up front for the full 12-month enrollment. Conversely, if you newly enroll in the Preventive Dental Plan mid-year, you will receive a payment on a prorated basis following your new enrollment.

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