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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

New for 2024!

Hospital Indemnity Insurance from Trustmark Insurance Company pays a benefit to enrollees for days spent in the hospital. Hospital bills can be high and unexpected, no matter what type of medical insurance you have. The costs of a hospital stay can add up quick. That’s where Hospital Indemnity comes in. Trustmark will pay a daily benefit for being hospitalized, as well as for every day you spend in the hospital (up to 365 days). If you have to spend time in intensive care, those days are paid at double the normal daily rate.

The plan will pay regardless of other coverage you may have and there are no restrictions on how you may use the money. The benefit is also designed to be compatible1 with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Please watch the Hospital Indemnity Insurance video for more information on this benefit.

With Hospital Indemnity, you can worry less about your bills, and focus on recovering. There are no medical questions asked to enroll and it’s portable if you retire or leave state employment. Coverage is available for employees, their spouse, children, and dependent grandchildren.

Plan Benefits

First Day Stay Benefit1

$1,500 (one day per covered person per year)

Daily Hospital Stay Benefit1

$200 (per day up to 365 days, beginning day 2)

Daily Hospital ICU Benefit1

$400 (per day up to 365 days, beginning day 2)

Benefits are not paid concurrently. For the First Day Stay, Daily Hospital, and Daily Hospital ICU Benefits not more than one benefit is payable per day of your hospital stay.

Additional Features:

  • Hospital stay due to childbirth/maternity
  • Hospital stay due to mental wellness
  • Addiction recovery hospital admission
  • Claim free return – if the enrollee is claim free for two years, they are eligible for a $100 claim-free return
  • HSA compliant1
  • Waiver of pre-existing conditions
  • Fully portable. Keep your coverage at the benefit level and premium if you leave state employment.
  • Coverage is guaranteed issue, meaning no health questions or physical exam required to enroll.

For more information, review the Hospital Indemnity Insurance Summary by visiting, locate the section on the right side of the page "Benefits for Life (BFL) State of Michigan Voluntary Benefit Program for Active Employees," and then select the drop down "Hospital Indemnity Insurance - Trustmark".

1Benefits are designed to be compatible with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). You may wish to consult a tax and legal advisor to confirm which supplemental benefits may be purchased by persons with an HSA to continue to maintain tax-exempt status.

Bi-Weekly Rate Chart (26 pay-periods/year)

Issue Age


Employee & Spouse

Employee & Child(ren)






















Hospital Indemnity Insurance rates are based on age at the time the policy is issued and will not increase due to age. Coverage lasts to age 70 or for 5 years from issuance of the policy, whichever is longer.

How Hospital Indemnity Benefits Work

Example: Simon becomes extremely ill and is admitted to the hospital. After the first day, he stays in the ICU for two days and then an additional four days in a regular room before being discharged. This is an example of how Simon’s claim may have been paid in addition to his other health coverage:

Benefit Paid

Claim Payout

First day stay benefit


Daily Hospital ICU Benefit, x2


Daily Hospital Stay Benefit, x4


Total Claim Paid to Simon



You must be actively at work in order for coverage to take effect.

When both you and your spouse are eligible for insurance under this policy as an Employee, you may each enroll either as an Employee or the Dependent of an Employee, but not both. Dependent children or dependent grandchildren can be insured only by one employee.

File a Hospital Indemnity Claim

To file claims, visit All claims must be filed within 90 days from the date of the incident or as soon as it is reasonably possible, if longer. To update policy information, or for questions about your Trustmark policy, call 800-918-8877. Trustmark Customer Care associates are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm ET.


This is a brief description of benefits under HII 119 and applicable riders CFR 119, CCR 119, FUR 119, IBR 119, ICR 119, RSR 119,

SBR 119, TLR 119 and WBW 119. This hospital indemnity insurance policy/group certificate provides limited benefits that are the result of a covered accident or covered sickness. It is not a substitute for medical expense insurance, major medical expense insurance or a health benefit plan alternative. It does not provide comprehensive medical coverage. It is also not a Medicare Supplement policy, nor is it a policy of worker’s compensation. This description represents coverage offered during a certain time period; coverage you may have selected before or select after that period may differ. Your policy/certificate will contain complete information. Benefits, definitions, exclusions, form numbers and limitations may vary by state. Underwriting conditions may vary, and determine eligibility for the offer of insurance. For exclusions and limitations that may apply, please visit Trustmark® and Trustmark Hospital StayPay® are registered trademarks of Trustmark Insurance Company.

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