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Supplemental Term Life

Benefits for Life Voluntary Insurance Program: Be safe, be protected, be prepared

Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Life insurance is a simple answer to a very tough question: How will my family manage financially when I die?

Supplemental Term Life insurance serves as a foundation of financial protection and is offered through MetLife. Please watch the Supplemental Term Life Insurance video for more information on this benefit.

The plan certificate can be found by clicking the Supplemental Term Life benefit's drop-down menu on the right-hand side of

Guarantee Issue (No Medical Questions Asked) Amount

For the 2024 open enrollment, eligible employees were able to enroll in up to $500,000 of coverage. Your spouse could enroll for up to $70,000 of coverage, and child(ren) up to $10,000 of coverage without medical questions.

Guarantee Issue limits for employee, spouse, and children include prior purchases. In order to cover your dependents, you must also be enrolled. Reduced benefits apply starting at age 70.

For new coverage and changes to existing coverage applied for during the 2024 open enrollment period, coverage will be effective on June 1, 2024 for amounts under the Guarantee Issue Limits. Coverage amounts above the Guarantee Issue Limit will be effective the first day of the month, coincident or following the date, MetLife approves coverage.


Plan Feature Benefit to You
Coverage Options Employee Only, Employee & Spouse, Employee & Child(ren)
Benefit Amounts Employee: $10,000 increments up to $500,000; or $100,000 increments up to $1,000,000 (or 8x your earnings, whichever is lesser).
Spouse: The lesser of 100% (in $5,000 increments) of the employee's Supplemental Term Life benefit prior to any age-based reductions or $500,000.
Child(ren): $2,000 increments up to the max benefit of $10,000 ($1,000 for a child between the ages of live birth and six months).
Guarantee Issue Employee: Up to $500,000 (in $10,000 increments) or a max benefit of 8x your earnings, whichever is lesser.
Spouse: 100% of employee's elected amount, up to $70,000.
Child(ren): 100% of Employee Benefit up to $10,000.
Beneficiary Claim Assistance This program is designed to help beneficiaries sort through the details and serious questions about claims and financial needs during a difficult time.
Living Care/ABO Benefit This benefit allows up to 100% of the policy's death benefit for the employee (to a maximum of $1,000,000) to be paid before death if the insured has a qualifying terminal illness and meets all terms and conditions of the policy.
Waiver of Premium If it is determined that you are totally disabled, your life insurance benefit will continue without payment of premium, subject to certain conditions.
Portability Allows you to continue this insurance program should you leave your employer (subject to plan provisions), without having to provide evidence of insurability (information about your health).
Access to MetLife AdvantagesSM A comprehensive suite of valuable services for support, planning and protection needs, including Face-to-Face Will Preparation and Estate Resolution Services. These services are included in your plan at no additional cost to you.
Travel Assistance Travel Assistance services allows you and covered family members the ability to have AXA representatives administer emergency medical, travel, and personal assistance services on your behalf wherever you are in the world. Visit to review the Travel Assist Flyer & ID Card and learn more about registering at
Digital Estate Planning Available at no additional cost to enrolled employees and their legally married spouse. Once enrolled in Supplemental Term Life Insurance, visit and follow the instructions to create and execute key estate planning documents online by answering a few simple questions.


Supplemental Term Life Sample Rates

Shown below are sample bi-weekly rates for Supplemental Term Life insurance for a non-smoker at ages 30, 40, and 50 with $20,000 of coverage. After you enroll, premiums will increase based on a 5-year age band structure. Age band premium increases will take effect on on June 1, following the date you attain the age.

Age $20,000 of Coverage - Bi-Weekly Rate (26 Per Year)
30 $0.70
40 $0.92
50 $2.12

Important Eligibility Guidelines

You must be actively at work as defined in the policy in order for coverage to take effect.

Dependent insurance (for your spouse or children) may also be available, but only when you, as the employee, also select coverage for yourself. A dependent must be performing normal activities and cannot be confined as defined in the policy in order for coverage to take effect.

When both you and your spouse are eligible for insurance under this policy as an Employee, you may each enroll either as an Employee or the Dependent of an Employee, but not both. Dependent children can be insured only under one parent.

Guarantee Issue

You are eligible for Guarantee Issue coverage during a Benefits for Life Open Enrollment or when you first become eligible to apply. Coverage over the Guarantee Issue amount(s) or any coverage applied for beyond your initial open enrollment date will be subject to evidence of insurability (answering health questions).

Note: Certain medical conditions may require a physician statement or paramedical examination.

Enrolling for Coverage

Eligible employees and their dependents may enroll in coverage as a new hire, within 60 days of the employees hire date or during the Benefits for Life Open Enrollment. Changes in existing coverage are limited to your initial enrollment, Benefits for Life Open Enrollment, and Qualifying Life Events. If you previously enrolled in Supplemental Term Life Insurance and you would like to terminate the coverage you may do so at any time throughout the year.

Increases in previously purchased insurance, up to the Guarantee Issue amount(s) without evidence of insurability may be performed during the annual Benefits for Life Open Enrollment. Any increases in coverage beyond the Guarantee Issue amount(s) during that time will be subject to evidence of insurability.

Note: Reduced benefit coverage amounts apply for you and your dependent spouse at the age of 70 or older.

MyBenefits Access

The MyBenefits web site is a tool you can use throughout the year to review your benefits, view and update beneficiaries, calculate your coverage needs, and locate customer support contacts. If this is your first time visiting the site please select the "Register Now" link on the home page to create a username and password.

MyBenefits for State of Michigan Active Employees Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Qualifying Life Events

If you experience a qualifying life event during the year, you may be able to increase your coverage or add dependent coverage up to the Guarantee Issue amount(s) without evidence of insurability. In most cases, you may only increase your coverage or add dependent coverage if the increase or addition is consistent with the family status change.

Qualifying life events include: marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, the death of a dependent, your dependent ceasing to qualify as a dependent, and a change in you or your dependent's employment status.

You will have 60 days from the date of the qualifying life event to request a change in coverage.

Suicide Exclusion

Life insurance benefits will not be paid if the insured's death is the result of suicide within two years from the date of issue. If this occurs, the sum of the premiums paid will be returned to the beneficiary. The same applies for any future increases in coverage under this plan.

File a Supplemental Term Life Claim

To file a Supplemental Term Life claim, a special service has been set up for the State of Michigan. A beneficiary can call 800-218-4267 and MetLife will take all the required information necessary to file a claim over the phone.

Review the MetLife Supplemental Term Life Insurance rate charts and certificate by visiting, locate the section on the right side of the page "Benefits for Life (BFL) State of Michigan Voluntary Benefit Program for Active Employees," then select the drop down "Supplemental Term Life Insurance - MetLife."

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Like most group insurance policies, MetLife group life insurance policies contain certain exclusions, limitations and requirements for maintaining coverage in force. Any such exclusions, limitations and requirements will be described in the life insurance certificate.