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Retiree Enrollment and Pension Deduction

Benefits for Life: Be Safe, Be Protected, Be Prepared

Enrollment and Payment Information

You can enroll in Auto and Home Insurance at any time during the year by calling 888-744-7525. You can enroll in the Discount Plan at any time during the year. Simply visit and newly register using the code: BFLRetireePerks (case sensitive).

The 2023 open enrollment period for the Legal Plan, Supplemental Term Life Insurance and Identity Theft will be held May 15, 2023 through June 16, 2023. Enrollment information will be sent directly from the providers to your home address.


Payments for the Benefits for Life plans can be made through the ease and convenience of pension deduction. Below is a description of the deduction line where these premiums will appear on your Monthly Pension Statement or Pension Check. Payments for current LifeSecure Long-Term Care Insurance policies must be paid directly to LifeSecure via direct billing.

1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Statement - Court Ordered/Other Deductions

2. Pension Check (Warrant) - Court Ordered Deductions

What happens to my Benefits for Life plans when I retire?

Defined Contribution (DC) & Personal Healthcare Fund (PHF) Retirees

State of Michigan DC and PHF retirees are not eligible to newly enroll in benefits through the Benefits for Life program as a retiree. If you were enrolled in Benefits for Life plans as an active employee, upon separation from the State of Michigan you will be sent information to maintain coverage directly from the insurance carrier.   

Defined Benefit (DB) Retirees

As a State of Michigan DB retiree with a pension, there are five plans you can newly enroll in as a retiree:

  • Supplemental Term Life Insurance with MetLife
  • Legal Plan with MetLife Legal Plans
  • Auto & Home Insurance with Liberty Mutualand Farmers GroupSelectSM1
  • Identity Theft with IDShield
  • Free Discount Plan with Abenity

During the Benefits for Life Open Enrollment you will have the opportunity to enroll in the plans indicated above as a retiree. You will be sent information in the mail once the Benefits for Life Open Enrollment for retirees has started.

1Enrollment in Auto & Home Insurance with Liberty Mutual is available throughout the year.

As an active employee, if you were enrolled in any of the Benefits for Life plans, after retirement you will be sent information directly from the carriers to maintain coverage. When an active employee retires and their active pay stops, after two missed payroll deductions they are sent a direct bill/plan portability notice for each of the plans they were enrolled in as an employee. Payments must be made to the insurance carrier to keep coverage active and to avoid a lapse in coverage. 

As an active employee, if you were enrolled in Long-Term Care Insurance coverage, contact the Benefits for Life Call Center to speak with your Long-Term Care Insurance carrier about transitioning immediately upon retirement.

If you have any questions about retirement please contact the Benefits for Life Call Center at 888-744-7525.