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Retiree Legal Plan

Benefits for Life: Be Safe, Be Protected, Be Prepared

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Legal Plan: 

New for 2024! LegalShield will be the new insurance provider for the Legal Plan Effective 9/1/2024. If you would like to have legal coverage as of 9/1/2024 you must newly enroll during the Benefits for Life Open Enrollment. This new plan offers several benefit enhancements with a lower premium, as well as a lower bundled rate if enrolled alongside Identity Theft.

A legal plan for many common personal legal issues.

In today's world, no matter where you are in your life, you are almost certain to experience life events that have potential legal ramifications

You have the option to participate in the Legal Plan, which would cover you, your spouse, and children. A Legal Plan provides you and eligible family members protection for covered personal legal matters and access to a dedicated law firm. Your coverage will be renewed automatically each year and may only be canceled during a Benefits for Life open enrollment.

LegalShield provides dedicated multi-service lawn firms that provide 100% in-network coverage. Should you need assistance with any personal legal matter that is not fully covered by the Legal Plan you may be eligible for services at a 25% discount off the standard hourly rate.

Review the Legal Plan descriptions by visiting Locate the section on the right side of the page called "Benefits for Life (BFL) State of Michigan Voluntary Benefit Program for SERS Retirees," then select the drop down "Legal Plan - LegalShield."

Legal Plan: Covered Legal Services

  • 24/7 emergency legal access
  • Attorney response time within 4 business hours or less
  • Mobile App: directly call the provider law firm, upload traffic tickets, and submit a Will questionnaire directly through the app.
  • Phone consultation or Office Visits for any personal legal matter
  • Will & Estate Planning Services: Living Will or Physician's Directive, Power of Attorneys, Probate, Trusts, and Wills and Codicils
  • Document Services: Affidavits, Document Review
  • Family & Domestic Related Services: Adoption, Bullying Protection, Contested Child Custody (8 hours), Divorce (20 hours), Elder Law Matters, Enforcement and Modification of a Support Order (8 hours), Gender Identifier Change, Guardianship, Juvenile Matters, Paternity, and more
  • Home Services: Deeds, Foreclosure, Eviction and Tenant Problems, Mortgage Document Services, Property Tax Assessments, Refinancing of Home, Sale or Purchase of Home, Zoning Applications, and more
  • Finance: Collection Letters, Consumer Bankruptcy, Consumer Credit Services, Garnishment, Personal Injury, Repossession, Identity Theft, Small Claims Assistance, and more
  • Motor Vehicle Services: Moving Traffic Violations, Motor Vehicle Property Damage, and Suspended Driver's License Assistance
  • Legal Forms: Online access to free legal forms that focus on many of today's common legal concerns

Legal Plan Rates

Plan Monthly Rate
Legal Plan $16.15

Bundled Legal Plan plus Identity Theft Plan Rates

Plan Monthly Rate
Individual Identity Theft Plan + Legal Plan $19.90
Family Identity Theft Plan + Legal Plan 21.90

When may I start using my new plan?

If you signed up during the 2024 Benefits for Life enrollment, you may start using your new legal plan effective September 1, 2024. Look for additional information to be sent to your home shortly prior to the effective date.

Review the LegalShield Plan Overview by visiting, locate the section on the right side of the page "Benefits for Life (BFL) State of Michigan Voluntary Benefit Program for Retirees" then select the drop down "Legal Plan - LegalShield".