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Inside Civil Service

Our Mission

To provide innovative, effective, and timely HR consultation and services to attract, develop, and retain a diverse, flexible, and creative workforce that can meet state government's ever-changing needs.

Our Vision

To be recognized and valued for innovative, effective HR programs and for the customer-focused services provided based on the expectations of state government leaders, civil servants, and Michigan citizens. We will engage our employees by providing learning opportunities and a supportive environment.

Organization Chart

State Personnel Director John Gnodtke

Vested with the administrative powers of the Michigan Civil Service Commission, the state personnel director is responsible for implementing the policy and program directives of that body. The director also oversees the Offices of General Counsel, Financial and Administrative Services, External Relations, and Human Resources for the agency.

Chief Deputy Director Jonathan Patterson

The chief deputy director serves as a member of the director's leadership team and assists with formulating and implementing the commission's policies and directives. The deputy director oversees the Bureau of Data and Applications Support, the Bureau of Benefits Administration, the Human Resources Operations, the Office of Classification, Selection, and Compensation, and Human Resource Training and Development.