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Military & Veteran Resources

Veterans' Preference

MCSC Rule 3-8 allows qualifying veterans or spouses to receive preference during job selection processes. Preference does not guarantee appointment. To be granted preference, qualified applicants must first register with the commission in the state's NEGOV job portal before applying to an open position.

To register, visit the link below, review the eligibility and documentation requirements, and then click the green Apply button in the upper-right corner to log in to NEOGOV and complete the registration.

Military Leaves and Supplemental Pay

Since the 1940s, the commission has provided support through leaves and special pay treatment for classified state employees called into military service. After September 11, 2001, the commission expanded the supplemental pay and benefit plan for employees in guard and reserve units called to emergency active duty.

The commission is dedicated to ensuring that state employees who continue their military training and service and their families receive the support and benefits available to them.

The links below provide information on military leaves for state civil servants, continuing supplemental pay and benefits during guard and reserve duty, and reinstatement to state employment after military service.

Military Spouse Transition Network (MSTN)

The National Association of State Personnel Executives (NASPE) has developed the Military Spouse Transition Network (MSTN) to help military spouses in state government positions identify employment opportunities. Military members change duty stations approximately every three years, which impact spouses' careers. The MSTN assists working spouses to identify potential opportunities to continue careers in state government.

Once a permanent change of station is issued, military spouses can contact the MSTN representative in personnel agencies in their new home state for information on resume building, skills translation, contact information, application processes, to support their re-employment. Currently 19 states, including Michigan, participate in the MSTN. NASPE is encouraging more states to join.

Information about the MSTN and a list of participating states is available at State employees moving because of a spouse's military service can contact Michigan's MSTN Representative, Angela Shelby, at

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