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Non-Jurisdictional Services Listing

Commodity # Service
91502 Advertising (Including Notice of Bid Solicitation, Statutory Notices)
91504 Advertising, Outdoor Billboard, etc.
99005 Alarm Services
91002 Background Music Maintenance & Repair Services
94625 Banking Services
96214 Blue Printing Services: Blue Prints, Blue Line, Large Engineering
909(does not include 90911, 90917, 90960 thru 90968) Building Construction Services, New
91524 Cable Television Services (Includes Pay-Per-View Services)
91525 Captioned Services for the Hearing Impaired (See 915-85 for Telecommunication Relay Services) - Refer to Preauthorized List
99022 Card Access Security Services
94630 Cash/Securities and Bonding Services – To include Bond Issuance Services
9S503 Community Comprehensive Plans and Services
94635 Credit Card, Charge Card Services
94636 Credit Investigation & Reporting
95232 Domicile-
91528 Electronic Information & Mailing Services – To include News Release Wire Services
95238 Employee Assistance Programs (Including Unemployment Compensation Administration Services)
963 (does not include 96322, 96335, 96347) Fees
9S601 Foster Care Payments To Clients
ITS13 General Software
9IM13 General Software Maintenance
91551 Information Highway Electronic Services (Internet, Ethernet, World Wide Web, Virtual Tours to include Construction Renderings, etc.)
94654 Installment Purchase/Lease Purchase Financing & Lease with Option to Purchase Financing
953 All Codes Insurance, All Types
96343 Intergovernmental/Inter-Agency Contracts
95635 Internet Database Subscriptions
98846 Landfill Services
96345 Licensing Fees
94660 Loan Administration – To include Loan Servicing
95640 Magazine Subscriptions
91557 Mailing/Postage & Shipping Services, Electronic
91559 Mail Services, Express
9H401 Medical Services Delivery Systems (All Types)
9S602 Medical Services Payments to Clients
95645 Microfilm Subscriptions
91571 Newspaper & Publication Advertising
95650 Newspaper Subscriptions
9S502 Non-Confinement Setting Meals
9S505 Prisoner & Parolee Rehabilitation Program
95876 Pipeline Management Services
95658 Professional Document & Publication Subscriptions (Legal, Medical, etc.)
95660 Professional Journal Subscriptions
91063 Public Utilities: Water, Sewer, & Gas Maintenance & Repair
90559 Radio Frequency Access Services
971-All Codes Real Property Rental or Lease
9S504 Re-entry Services
984-All Codes Rental or Lease Services of Computers, Data Processing, and Word Processing Equipment
981-All Codes Rental or Lease of General Equipment (HVAC, Athletic, Fire & Police Protection, etc.)
975-All Codes Rental or Lease Services of Agricultural, Aircraft, Airport, Automotive, Marine & Heavy Equipment
977-All Codes Rental or Lease Services of Appliances, Cafeteria, Film, Furniture, Hardware, Musical, Sewing, & Window & Floor Covering
979-All Codes Rental or Lease Services of Engineering, Hospital, Laboratory, Precision Instruments, Refrigeration, Scales, & Testing Equipment
983-All Codes Rental or Lease Services of Clothing, Janitorial, Laundry, Lawn, Painting, Spraying, Laboratory & Textile Equipment
985-All Codes Rental or Lease Services of Office, Photographic, Printing, Radio/Television/Telephone Equipment
9II (does not include 9II26, 9II27) Systems Implementation
9IM (does not include 9IM26, 91M27) Systems Maintenance
95680 Talking Books, Cassettes, etc. (For the Vision Impaired)
91579 Telecommunication Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
9IM23 Telecom Systems Maintenance
91581 Telegram/Telegraph Services
96879 Telephone (Utility, Light) Pole Installation, & Relocation Service
91575 Telephone Services, Cellular
91577 Telephone Services, Long Distance & Local (Including 800, Telex, Watts Services, & Offender Telephone Systems)
9IM23 Telecom Systems Maintenance
91583 Television Services, Satellite
92076 Testing of Systems Infrastructure, Components or Software, IT Services
9S501 Temporary Prisoner Housing
96882 Traffic Signal Installation
95685 Training Material Subscriptions
96287 Travel, Local (Provided by third party) and 96288
96288 Travel, Non-Local (Scheduled and Unscheduled), Provided by Third Party (Incl. Commercial Airplane Travel & Helicopter Services)
95895 Utility Management Services
96183 Utility Services, Electric
96184 Utility Services, Gas
96185 Utility Services, Water
96294 Water Services, Bottled & Bulk Delivery (Tanker Services)

Revised October 1, 2017