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How to Apply

Internet Browsers

  • For a better user experience, please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge with Chromium.


  • Click "Sign In" from the upper right corner and select "Forgot Username?" or "Reset Password." Then enter the email address you used to create your profile and click "Submit" to receive an email at that address with your username or a link to reset your password.

Creating a Profile

  • Profile information is stored in the system to make future applications faster and easier, but postings may have unique requirements or questions to address.
  • An email address is required to create an online profile and apply for positions with the State of Michigan.

  • Local Libraries can provide free public access to computers and the internet. You can also contact your local Michigan Works! office. The Michigan Civil Service Commission's Office of Career Services can offer assistance as well.

  • Once your contact information is updated in your profile, all future applications will have the updated information. To change your contact information, log in and click your name in the upper right corner, then go to "Account".  In the Contact Info field, click "Edit" to make the desired changes and "Save".

    Note: This does not change your contact information for job vacancies you have already applied to. You will need to contact the human resources office of the hiring agency to update your contact information for those positions. You can find the contact information on the position posting. Log into your profile and click the job title of the submitted application.  Locate the "Position Description" link in the "Job Details" tab to find the agency contact information.

  • When entering education information for a degree that is not completed, select the appropriate academic term (semester or quarters/terms) for the division of an academic year at your institution, then enter the number completed to date.

  • Profiles are not removed, but application information and attachments are purged each February consistent with current retention policies. This annual purge includes documents older than seven years.

Locating Vacancies

  • You can filter vacancies by location, remote-work, department, job category, and salary using the filter function by clicking the funnel icon next in the upper-right corner of the listing of postings. You can also sort vacancies by posting date, salary, or job title using the sort function by clicking the icon with the downward arrow in the upper-right corner next to the filter icon.
  • Each posting's Description tab will contain information on any minimum education and experience and any special requirements for a position.

  • You can register for notice of posted vacancies using Job Alerts. Click Job Alerts from the drop-down Menu in the upper-left corner and check the boxes next to each Job Category that you are interested in. Once the form is submitted, you will be notified by email for the next 12 months when a position is posted that matches your criteria.

Applying for Vacancies

  • For detailed instructions on applying for vacancies, you should review the How to Apply document, and other resources at the State of Michigan Career Services website.

  • Supplemental questions are used to gather job-related information about you and your education or work history. Any supplemental questions will appear on the Questions tab. Answers to these questions are automatically submitted when you apply.

  • Yes. Progress is saved automatically, and partial applications can be completed during another session. To be considered for a job, a complete online application must be submitted by the position's deadline. A closing date of "Continuous" for a position means there is no deadline and applications are evaluated when received.
  • No. You must create a profile. A resume or cover letter cannot substitute for this.
  • All documents should be submitted when you apply. To attach documents to an application, click the "Attachments" tab, then click "Add supplemental attachment".  Choose the attachment type and then attach a file by dragging and dropping or selecting "Upload" or "Recent Uploads".  Once all attachments are added, click "Next".

  • Information on acceptable transcripts and how to submit them is provided here.
  • If the vacancy has not yet closed, you can reapply and add the attachment. Sign in to your account and click on the job title of the desired position in the "Applications" section.  Once the posting appears, click “Apply”. If you receive a message that says, “You have already applied for this position.... You can re-apply for this position in [##] days,” you must contact the hiring agency's HR office using the contact information in the posting.

  • You must contact the hiring agency's HR office using the contact information in the position posting. Documents cannot be attached online after a posting has closed.

  • After submitting an application, you should receive a confirmation email. Applications are sent directly to the HR office in the hiring agency for initial screening of minimum requirements. Applicants judged to best meet the job requirements and qualifications are contacted to continue the selection process. This does not guarantee employment with the State of Michigan.

  • You should verify that your NEOGOV profile lists the correct email address and that inbox filters have not blocked or filed the message as junk.
  • Yes. The state offers veterans' preference in selection processes to eligible veterans or spouses under rule 3-8. To be considered for veterans' preference, you must register with the Michigan Civil Service Commission.
  • Applicants who are no longer interested in a vacancy should inform the hiring agency if contacted for an interview.

  • A copy of each application submitted in the last seven years is retained in your profile. To view and old posting, sign in to your account, select the position's titles, and click the Job Details tab.
  • Different agencies have different policies on notifying unsuccessful applicants. You can also check the status of your applications by signing in to your profile. In the "Submitted" section of the Applications page, look at the "History" next to the title of the desired position.

  • Other questions on the online application system can be sent to