Bill Schuette

Bill Schuette

Attorney General Bill Schuette
  • Bill was first elected as Attorney General in 2010 and was re-elected to a second term on November 4, 2014. From the beginning, Bill Schuette has been a powerful Voice for Victims. He formed the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking and engineered the plan to fund the testing of thousands of long-abandoned DNA evidence boxes to provide justice to victims of sexual assault.

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MSU Investigation


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    It is abundantly clear that a full and complete investigation of what happened at Michigan State University, from the president’s office on down, is required.

    This investigation is and will continue to be, independent, thorough, transparent and prompt. 

    My department and this investigation will find out who knew what, and when.

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Child Support

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    In Michigan, unpaid child support continues to be a major socio-economic problem with more than $6.3 billion in support owed. Investigators in the Attorney General’s Child Support Division identify parents throughout the State who have the ability to pay support to their children but refuse to do so.

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Charitable Trust

  • The Charitable Trust Section functions for Michigan citizens as a repository of financial and other information about charities they may want to support.

    At any one time there are more than 8,000 charities registered with the Attorney General's Charitable Trust Section. Most charities soliciting contributions in Michigan are required to register with the Charitable Trust Section.

    One of the goals of the Attorney General is to help educate the public and to assist them in making wise choices about what charities to support.

    Charitable Trust

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