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What is a co-location?

A co-location exists when either an MPSCS member or nonmember is allowed to place antennas and equipment on MPSCS towers and property.

The use of the MPSCS radio system infrastructure is regulated by law and executive order. Since the adoption of House Bill 4237, commercial and public safety co-locations are allowed at MPSCS tower sites. Currently, MPSCS allows a member to co-locate fire paging systems with no fee.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, MPSCS will charge a public safety fee for fire paging systems co-located on the MPSCS. 

Member:  A public safety agency that uses the MPSCS for its primary means of mobile radio communications.

Nonmember:  A public safety agency that does not use MPSCS as its primary means of mobile radio communications.

Brian Aprill, Co-Location Manager
517-284-4087;  cellular 517-230-6652

SBA Communications Corporation
517-622-8448 x3851

 *Effective August 10, 2022-All new interest inquiries: Jenine Renaud: Director Colocations;;  314-922-6535